But It Was Close / Onelinedrawing

What was it about those lies? 
You let me know, now I know 
If I could just cry you underwater 
It’s not so much when now as 
finding the right way 

It wasn’t all lies, but it was close 
I wouldn’t always be there 
to bury my ghosts 
But you weren’t even close 
to finding the right way 

But you would always end up blame-free, needle on 
Just when I was finally finding something all my own 

Finding the right way 
Now I know 
Carry now, carry now 
Now I know 
You let me know

Mmm.. from all the talks and stuff that I’ve had with CB over the duration, maybe this is how he is feeling at present. Maybe i’ll send him this song, lyric and see if it is a true reflection?  or maybe not, it doesnt change a thing, so there is no point. I hope his turbulence settles and he finds some autonomy. Sometimes i think, or see him by a picture i guess i dunno what you would call it, errm, i guess the particles in a suspension, or collide that get disturbed that are embedded in a body of water or whatever, are somewhat chaotic for a time, and then resettle again.  a little bit seem lost…


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