I can not even redefine self.The perimeters that should be so transparent and well defined seem convoluted and thick with disparity…. that, I look at myself and think out loud, ‘care to join the confluence?’ the boarders of sanity and life death exist, I imagine that it pushes the concave, the arch to the extreme tremor, flexibility or rigidity of a decent life… sleep… and is lurking amongst the distillate, transfused confusion and lies… in wait perched angled somewhere beyond clarity, purgatory. A carnival convalescing Nirvana. A somber lackadaisical radical figure wearing a cloak of despondence.

How does one peel back the skin to reveal a deeper self, Requiem.
How does one float the knife and cut the leaf detach the feather.

How does one grant you existence in a life that you do not own.
Tell me, what is it, that I can do for you.


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