Green Plants with Middle fingers – Meets Goldilocks.

Struggle to define a person or myself. 27, Interested in Art, beyond interested, defined by the omnipresent nature of color and infinite boundless energy we are all connected- a symphony found in  both nature, love.. in shadows, battle fields, death, in delusion. actually slowly finding out the cracks in all the cathartic discoveries in ruptures of emotions.. in emulsion. ha.. just look at those tiny little cracks, truth, it’s where the light gets in. funnily enough that the the growth and the light and the allowance of the sugar for the plants  transmute to  a green gear that flows,  grow.. what’s that called again… arrghh.. words.. fail me.. arh! Photosynthesis! I wonder if green plants every get hypoglycemia? You know they would have to be a little light headed on the way up, dark and gloomy, if they had books down there probably read Anne Frank.. and have a great book shelf. in the dirt. huh.
When the cracks open up, the capability of .. the disappearance of tiny gnomes..  horrendous..  swallowing the ants and then your unsuspecting ankle. Or the weeds, they push through the cracks, those mighty and delicate intricate rooted systems, how hard they have to battle to get to sunlight. I wonder if they have wars.. Like that movie, the war of the buttons. but war of the weeds. or war of the mushrooms. Because  Living the dark.. It really isn’t a wonder they are so hard to dig out. It’s their way of planting a flag on the surface of the earth, to thrive, or a fat middle finger, of surrealism and survival. 

Discovery of emotional content, the Yin and Yang, yang you know between sky and Earth, balance.. is this why so many of us ride bikes, skateboards, balance boards  unicycles  push hard at work, break, juggle.. everyday I’m juggling.. It’s the Goldilocks effect.. not to hot, not too cold.. The Earth in relation to the Sun.. the balance is and has to be perfect. there is possibly no good or bad.. perhaps just all grey matter? and the energy that both.. everything the wisdom of life and everything has the capabilities to interface with one another. simply amazing.

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