Some day’s I wish I knew all the side ways eights that are piled up.. The secrets of the written, esoteric, universe. Invisible cities and all that floats on or buzzes by in souls and minds of those people society deem invisible. Their capacity and ability is already enormous, cellular structure and breath.. beliefs.. why they are themselves. What moves them. All the stories and poems in peoples mouths.. each and every print. There are no redundancies. If i did know this.. would I be more civil? Be like a broad spectrum antibody.. or Body.. Or like light, both waves and particles. eh – I think i would be kinder and less of a fuck up.

Need to slow down, wade through the soup of the day, stop and sag in others boots.. Less of a hurry to condemn humans, people because each one is unique or those that seem to be milling around the same. Because I am far from ‘the same’ just like everyone else. 

What makes wrong, wrong and right right? What makes a person? Why do we disagree when he or she is disimilar to us… doesnt do what we do.. or think at the same rate or level or function.. Why so quick to judge and label this difference as Pinocchio. I know that I’m learning and will be forever more. Yesterday i didnt know what I do today.. Just like I cannot redact mistakes made and tomorrow will not be recurrent. 

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