Self Immolate

15 March 2012

It’s a new kid strapped to a chain

and raised on the meat market.
Lost his way so he’s leaving his soul
star shaped candles
to travel and trace.
Needs and oiled skin
New like everyone and then the someones
developed and transparent
soul catch fire.
Sensitive in his boots and bones
doused and drenched
bleached by,
fucked by
beseeched by
a society who pigeon wholes
who’s refusal to see
bombs colours
and perusal
this ambiguity
bomb diffuser
Reach for a book
read between the fucking lines
their lines
not the black and white
courage and stories on the edges of pages
Prima Facie
Ripe for the picking for freedom
pluck the feathers of the carcase
chains are burdensome
beliefs can be like missiles
only a star set full
Leaves dust encrusted
so sick,
thick that iccarus combusted
you above
a catalyst
lit candles
self immobilization
self immolation 
no extinguishment.
washing washing washing
death. configuration, dis-configuration
cell for cell.
I see your face
Honor your Breath
Your freedom
Your courage
for what it was to be
your peace.

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