Abbi and pressents and squirrels and eh?


October 17th
Sometimes I discover I have changed my mind because I have forgotten what I used to think.
Ugh for Abbi -Eureka! Every thing doesnt have to do with currency, -I mean the money type.. far out things are matters of the heart.. and indeed they are with Paul and Abbi.. well then since it is their what is that title called ugh, something…. mmmmm.. arh well.. a Red Letter day! He should build her something of substance. A song! – with his guitar, this is what he is great at, words and literature, and thoughtfulness and his currency doesnt require a bountiful bank balance. Perhaps melody could suffice, and I am sure if he tilited his head to the left or right it would flow, voice not so much.. Mr Mraz, definatly, his guitar.. sure thing. Ohhhhhh and you know what else would be ridiculous amounts of awesome. An architrave castle superstructure from Time magazines. Because I mean really every reality is innocuous really when it comes to that kind of stuff.. unless you breach some kind of rip in fabric and things are miss matched.. but, and what kind of person wouldn’t like a castle? She could pin stripe it her favorite colour and rant her catch phrase “I LIKE PINK.” And then they could have all the time they like and submerge into a castle of which ever Atlas they desire. Everyone is always saying that they wished they had more time. So now they could have just that. And if he wanted to get her this ring, paper mate, sure you could construct one and then order a rock from a jeweler or the the net or whom ever he so desires and she could choose whatever setting she would like. Keep it simple stupid. Plus I downloaded a bunch of awesome tunes that I think both would like? If they dont, pfft.. Well. Ppfft.. not an ounce of a fuck will be given.

I really dont understand why people stress so much over the people they care about, they raise these expectations so high over these invisible trip wires that attach themselves, the arm and then drag like dead bodies behind slowly devouring living souls with disappointments, I mean, Make her a phone box with a cape in it or 99 love balloons or 98 with a pink one. I dont know. These things.. are just things, its the thoughts and the gestures that count. I mean think think think.. and you do, do that Pauly D.. far out.. you brain will explode and then.. you will be like.. those tomatoes in my microwave.. just gross.. Ohhhhhhhhh why not get her maybe.. ummm.. I know she can have my no longer used coffee grinder.. would she like that? Is that weird.. it is probably lonely on the shelf.. and some awesomesauce cups.. and some.. gluten free rum balls? And take her on a surprise!.. what about school stuff.. she loves those kids she teaches.. how about some stationary.. shiny bows and butter? Gift certificate? Make her a coffee mug? All these things with love.. because she is your love. And I cant sleep still and urgh. She likes that fake plastic girl. Whats her name with all those clothes.. she has a creepy folder that she was so proud to display, flicked though and really lit up when looking at all these pages of her.. I think these are one of those moments when your like oh, wow this is who she would like to be in the world.. ?ok.. cool beans fair enough.. she doesnt look like a real girl. Ha a female partner for pinochio except without the lies, and all that an no blue fairy.. and yeah.. (this chick in the folder, perhaps because she is an image) But maybe there is a brain in there.. was it paris hilton, No, it was Nicole —— Hilton? God, i’m terrible at that stuff.. I just like seeing her smile. – Abbi that is.. she has a really nice smile. A real one most of the time.. she is completely transparent when she is unhappy. 

Ohhhhhhhh thats cool as, for her gifts.. I know I know.. maybe get her a GI Joe doll and dress her as Nicole Ritchie then? And stick bows all over her and put her in pink and surround her in a mote of books and shoes.. oh and awesome paintings! ha, that would be great. – good idea or not so much.. she could have like a billion balloons and a house like in that move Up.. awwwww… and and and and you could put that awesome line in it..

“I was hiding under your porch because I love you.”

Hey, I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, “I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.” Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead.

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