10th July



Encouraged by you when there is a lack of colour, brain – it bursts at the seems… 

Sometimes it seems like the surfaces are porous or contain inverted funnels where people are islands and time is radiant heat. Old waves. I have no resolution. 

Maybe man can be an island. 

The rhythm of my heartbeat is no longer a comforting one. A conformist. A constant reminder. An irritating off beat metronome. Society. 

I need air like water in my lungs. 
Dialogues transfuse into one. Rapid dissent. 

you seem to transform things from an obtuse strange perspective, you take this library archival system and turn it from fiction into fact. Turn my brain from black and white screams and churn peace with somehow..

Thank you for letting me be a fucking fish in a pond. Not a fucking tree. For giving me the freedom of choice and dignity of risk in my own boots. There is something in looking at you straight in the eye. There arn’t any damn trees. Or left or right. Something about or under your desk. Maybe its like you and your leopard trees.. symmetry.. you know they are also called Brazilian Ironwood tree. Maybe they are made of steel. Heh. I appreciate that You see colours that are rich. -Your presence is.. leafy. Whether I wax and wane it matters not. You save me a place no matter if I choose to take it not. However, you are not a placeholder. You know, sometimes, I cant afford to take forward, as if its availability or shift is approved as if a ‘thing’ a directional arrow that could be diffused everywhere. Its not a simple evolution of North or South. As I have travelled and so have my perceptions, no matter the Grey, black or white you say -You matter always. You understand.
I’ve seen my reflection in your eyes once. It’s like looking sideways. I wake up disappointed. I get lost in my reflection I don’t remember, know who I am. I wait for the repression of self. I do not struggle with your will.. I can escape in your chance, gravity. 

Thank you for your time, peace, presence, attitude, depth, velocity, vocabulary, workability, transcendence, taste, for your pallet, cupcakes, brain, face, smile, strange attributes, respect, rapport,adaptability, empathy, love, hi fives, hugs, sway, allowance, making me think and making me over think and good tunes.. awesomeness, beautiful transparent genuine ways, intelligence, getting up and down. 
You are like mm…. avatar. Elements coupled with a twist of Fringe, ass kicker. and you mean a tremendous amount to me. A groover, You fire starter, Fringe lover, I’ll love your brain, you’ll fill in the blanks, reboot, reiterate, start again. Dilute, transfuse, reprove sometimes again and again… I assume. It takes more then books, freedom of will, liberty, memory, synchronous moments, meaning, your Epic, bright family, bubbles, photos, paint, crayons, ink. Thank you for the refuge from brain waves to capitulation to the aid to indulge in sleep. For having warm hands, soul, and perhaps a radiator for a heart? Who knows. Thanks for holding the cards of the belief and being the navigator in numerous tumultuous times, when old waves and seemly tiny vessels amongst brain waves and blood vessels. – twisty ties. – the wires and numbers disable and divide, life deceases. Perhaps you are the War and peace amongst the great divide. Nothing lasts forever. Thank you for the best Moments In life. The simplicity, and the clarity, 
A Diamond. Strawberry fields. A Juggernaut. a supernova. a snowflake. Fresh ground coffee. The scent of rain. implacability. You are Free, uninhibited energy.

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