Batman, egh.


March 7th

It feels like day One and Like the Sun Just Wont set, Who forgot to add the Gelatin because it’s all wobbly and There are Jackals at my feet and Ravens above my head and I just can’t seem to sleep. Drip feed me bliss, alchemy of dreams. Sometimes I dont prefer to be myself, I wont deny it. Batman hitches a ride on my back, although there are no wings I’ve seen that are attached. Have you seen myself? Connected? I don’t seem to feel, the sand fingers nor between the toes.. Where is Robyn.. I dont feel Amazing about feeling.. when is nothing, nothing something anything something.. ?
I Just.. want to lose myself.. no games. Someone always loses.. they usually share my first name and have scars for surveillance.. and and a fucked up kind of souvenirs.. there are never any holidays, stitch this shadow and throw me out the window and Riot. Be my Staircase and my supernova if you have nothing else to do, know that sometimes that freedom is decadent yet isn’t really free..

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