Cat named eleven


September 15th 

Strange series of events today. 

Walking along, listening to my tunes, Smashing Pumpkins, 🙂 and out of nowhere an incognito grandma type looking old lady type Jumps out from behind me yelling BEEP BEEP, scaring me so badly I think I could have delaminated out of my skin, if it were possible. So, what does one do? oh yeah, Like a champ- take a dive into the nearest bushes and then turn around to cop a look of delight and confusion from this woman, it was funniest one toothed grin and chuckle I have even heard or seen in my life. – Not what either of us were expecting I don’t think. 

Continuing on my walk, you know as one does, came across a dead cat, a prefect dead cat. It looked as if it was walking and just fell over, mid walk. It could have been a person you see walking across the Abby Road posing for a photo – but a cat on the side of the path. I wondered if it had had a heart attack. And then what to do with a someones cat? And then wondered if I would look like that or what I’d look like when I died. My expression and so on. I poked him to make sure he was absolutely deceased and yes he didnt move. Whats the procedure for dead cats? Do you check the pulse of a cat? I wondered if he was asleep, or just a really heavy sleeper. Then again, who sleeps in a walking position and with their eyes in a sneezing position, you know kind of half way between open and shut. – I yelled RAW!!!! to try and surprise him awake, however, my attempts were futile. I came to the conclusion after a while that indeed that after a gentle prod, – no, he wasn’t sleeping or in a coma, defiantly dead. So.. what does one do?

He was an awesome cat. And mind you I’m defiantly not a cat person. Only because I don’t understand their temperaments. And they are all fence paily.. and what I mean when I say that is, they rub themselves all over you as if you were an amendment object like a fence. I get that enough in life. Love my Dash- may Pup. He has my affections. Has done from the moment I saw him. And I thought well..If he were to pass, I would want him remembered and know he was thought of right. So, even thought I dont know who this cats owners were.. I took a picture of him. And Named him eleven. I’ll post a picture up on the light pole around the area of an awesome cat. – found deceased. He looked pretty friendly, green eyes, intense stare, gun metal grey and wore while socks, wasn’t afraid to get his feet a little dirty, Liked the Beatles? 

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