.connection with a dial tone.


June 2nd 2012

Time, the people you love the people you miss.. it’s like… hrmm.. one big fucking ride. You either buy a ticket and take the ride or don’t, you’d be the living dead. But I mean that it’s like saying in a way you would be, edging toes off of a precipice, stepping foot into the unknown with circumstances to which are undesirable, and you just plain and simple rather not, but hey, fuck it you’re here so what the fuck, why not. And then on the other hand is you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, yeah it’s true. We are all busy, everyone is living either beyond their means or at at pace that is so ridiculously fast and meticulous that they just either face down and don’t want to slow down to see.- I mean really see what is around them, to gain value, their lives and make a connection with it. Maybe they don’t think that they can. And then, in an instant- BAM it’s gone. Everything is laced with burden and regret. You don’t hear people saying that they have too much time now do you, It’s the one thing that we are constantly spiraling in debt to. 

The day is never truly done. Unless you are dead. – Is that why people get up, because it’s daylight, because of the succession of the weekdays? We are brilliant procrastinators. What needs to be done now, can wait a little longer, will we do it now, or we will do it tomorrow ? Always tomorrow. Sometimes tomorrow never comes. eh. Why dont we live for the today? I have a few friends that do.. I wonder where they get their energy and attentiveness from. I guess the one sure thing is that they will not live in wonder or the land of regret of not getting the chance to accomplish or attempt the task at hand. Perhaps the key to their success is that they just dont care to wait? I don’t know. Hrm. 

Time is both unforgiving and unrelenting, until it’s not. , we breathe, we live, a sometimes slow decomposition – then we die. we should be compassionate, have humility, empathy, respect. Loads more I am sure. Chance, take chances. We should do that. Forgive people first we should do that too.. we should dial more phone numbers.. tell people we miss them, even if you are going to hear a dial tone as a response it’s probably worth it. 

Is this what killing time means, is this reclaiming time? Hrmm…

Connection with a dial tone.

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