Cool Beans, frozen beans.. cucumbers Rather.


So maybe I want to build A giant kaleidescope. Or something with a heap of mirrors and reflective surfaces, a community type project, that each individual participates and contributes to. If they were inclined to do so. 

Kaleidoscopes.. amazing structures in themselves really. This wouldnt typically be a traditional scope though. The principle reason in aid of the bespoke matter I guess.. would be to poke the brains of unsuspecting people and foster meaning and thought and self reflection. Think BIG. People are clever, It’s just Tv that makes you think otherwise really.. and this Ipswich Mob, defiantly a fierce contrast of a driven and Artistically minded, culturally influenced, open minded and energetic renegades! Without prejudiced.. that makes me smile. and yeaaaah I dig that. Mmm.. People are people, big or small. all different, shapes, sizes, capacities. It’s what you find underneath is what is often amazing. When people surprise themselves! AH-MAY-ZING. Capacities for DISCOVERY, ADVENTURE, GROWTH. When people can dig and find what that surface… means. Awesome. That there, is literally and symbolically reflective within themselves. Ideas. Are awesome also. It’s like BLAM. Light blub! 
This is where the constructs of the mirror whatever reflective glass comes in to the making of the kaleidescope. Each persons piece. Add it, place it in. A gigantic puzzle. Maybe something interactive, with a wheel or a turn style where the pieces all fall together. Instead of apart. Nicely. Build a visual device. Perhaps this has something to do with the six degrees of separation? As these pieces move and flow, It will be growth. You never know who or how you haven influenced in your life. It takes understanding and depth and continuity and the smashing of the I the Ego achieve this. Maybe… balance between nature, architecture and something ermm.. reminiscent of Ipswich. An omnipresent kaleidescope – well the light would be and people thoughts and ambitions would be when the pieces would fall together. So… A structure both in countersunk, present and past One that the ants would have been proud to build or maybe been the site supervisors Lol. . Because they are the best communicators and have been around forever. So they have seen the best of both worlds.

Mirrors. Life and Mirrors.

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