Do i get bonus points for trying to remake myself instead of trying to remake the world? or is this seen as capitulation and conformity?

Egh.. wake up and smell the coffee beans, take fucking responsibility of where you’re at and what you’re doing you sack! 

The constant story, the endeavor to change, the weakness in the seams of my boots and conceptualization of hollow bones, breeds useless, irritable and fucking pathetic emotional debris. 

Ha, Eckhart Tolle is right, pain can give people a sense of identity. Is this why people maintain the drama, and become repeat offenders in the same miseries? 

Life, it will never be simple. If it were, I think we would be tired and bored, all the same. I can see my brain strolling around the the soup of my skull, getting fatter and lazier and duller as I type, singing ‘Swing low, Sweet Chariot”– perhaps we would collapse in ourselves despite these simple moments. Without pain one can really never know pleasure. It is the simplicity, imperfection and clarity in life that makes beauty a possibility, even bloom. This reminds me of colours, hughs the slight addition of black in order to alter. Depth over distance, sensibilities, character and awareness.. many many things we can always improve on and gain, adapt and accept and be forthcoming with change. 

Fuuck shut Up! eh. It’s all good and well to say, but to attain; lower the bar, and well I’m going to have zero expectations of myself, I will still disappoint and stand there, pallor, brimming with disillusions and criticisms I am sure. 

Cartilage -the bird chips away at it. Doing time, Ha, all the while sharpening its beak to bite the hand that feeds.

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