Dude… Dalai Lama… he’s the man.. seriously eh.. I really dig his brain. I could just.. I dunno run a garlic press over it and plant sunflower seeds and Tulip bulbs in it.. and Boom!- they would explode, it would be like genuine sunshine and rainbows all combined in one..

Granted I’ve met a great deal of conflict… (some I’ve created, some the world’s cultivated, some other people have created ) Now.. I’m gonna try and rock out with Robz experience
Outside forces -Judgments

(Luke I’m your Farmer) Lol. Vs Robz forces. – Check. – 

Selfish? – More then likely yes. 

Empty Rooms are the best.
Woah! I juuuuuuuuuuust realised who he reminds me off out of cartoons, one of many I am sure.. He is the Sensai IN THE FREAKING NINJA TURTLES! – just thought of this.. eh I am like a sloth peddling a penny farthing backward most days.. wait, would that make me forward because they are intrinsically slow? eh.. lol. 

Couldn’t insult such a brilliant mind with such trivial shit. – stars and pure nothing. eh. 



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