2nd March, 2012


Contracted, Gah a year of DBT.. give me a picket, I am going to sell my fucking hate, I I couldnt even carry on through 6 week course of it last time. Not straight anyways. eh. Demons, mother fucking demons and eh. I’m as sharp as I am as I am alone. Argh. Running to the edge. How to erase the debt of my fatal attraction… the odds.. always crashes.

I am the thorn to feeling, the reason to cider or strong… where is reason, where is belong?
Blind… I want my fucking fish bowl. Who said you will never leave me… Heavy souls.. concrete boots… without tread… truck tire boots, without drift, stuck in a mind with only sharp corners, and depravity. Magicians sleeves. Obscene mouth, gutter mouth. Keep me? Io keep you in contour of my mind.. creeping. Trailing with felony tray. Would it be any better with a brighter day? I dont know your name, or how to survive, surreal, fucking hollow, twisted like the smoke from the gun.

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