November 17th

Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.”
— Ally Condie, Matched
maybe we need the company from those of the like minded, and the speak from the fellows of the afflicted and conflicted.

As much as the icebergs keep need their warnings I guess ugh, I’m about as stable as one. Did you know they can explode. – I guess.. Irony intended. Guess get out your gloves. Exploding icebergs. 

do others paint with teaspoons and bury them? What about paddle-pop sticks. Who else finds the crunch of the withering leaves humbling and disabling all at the same time? ,Ever wonder about the invisible giants, and look forward to solstice as much as I? Collect jars for the special things that touched the palms of her hands and deserved to be persevered because that’s where home is, is the definition of freedom or could be or should be. Ever collected the finger prints of those you love the most to make the most incredible finger print evidence of life imaginable. 

What makes a family important. Significant. Gives them semblance. Ha or more so resentment. 
Gluing beards and wings on baby lizards to make them into dragons. They dont like that so much. But Dash sure does love the Chase! Turns out people are not combustible after all. That is unless fuel is added to the equation. So what about that good old burning biblical bush? One for Myth busters. Something to do with maybe those flint rocks perhaps and friction? the one where they filled the room with what was it…..? thousand of antacid tablets and made bubbles and the gas exchange made it explode. Nice work boys. I guess your brains really are not stored in your hair follicles after all. Ha kind of reminds me of that time when we blew Tristan’s thumb off with that dry ice bomb. – told him not to shake it. Meh. I guess.. he did learn a lesson. Science is significant after all. Do you think if you flash froze a say oh.. anything, human flesh since particles are predominantly made up of water it and smashed it with a hammer it would rupture. And would you feel it? They sell dry ice in tackle stores and ice cream trucks with the insanely annoying tune, I really haven’t any idea how this attracts small agile children to their catering services. I wonder if there is some kind of subliminal messages in there. No doubt there would be. And why ice cream? Why not.. what do kids even like? 

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