.Kid down the street.


10th March

saw you trying not to falter.. not to crumble, when I saw you closer.. You were right there, you stood there, fragile and still, taking it, trying, lightly, little sponge, all your cares. Amongst the dust, your screams hung in the air. I hear you little dude. 
Your dad, genetically and chemically incompetent. Encircled you like sheep. Invisible twine. I dont know where your mother is, your choices dissolved amongst the smoke. Weight amongst your soul. Fight with your little screams, little fists, cant slow his temper. Get ready to go.. I see you.. Slip away as I broke into your mystery. Go you little caged, canary.. 
Kicked through your old man.. made him bleed, removed some living cells.. gave you maybe a sunset. a moment of solitude. I am sorry I cant teach him how to parent. That everyday isn’t beautiful and Summer. That I cannot teach him to not hurt another. Drag him from under his bridge. Enough is enough.

I hope there is someone who holds you when you need it. Who takes your nightmares home? your darkness… SHows you the way, You are so slight 6 maybe 7.. 8? And I cant help but wonder where it will end for you. Night time, its not the same.. the years they go by. I hope you grow up to be strong of mind and soul and will and body. I’d like to blow bubbles through your window.. and fluff your pillow.. maybe challenge you to a thumb war. 

Glad you are the little stranger in my boot prints and in return I in yours. 

I guess we all have people on the look out for us.. I would have walked into a truck after that. strange how things work out. Dominoes. One gigantic domino set up. I wonder what the big picture looks like.

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