6th Feb

Life, those who are sometimes lucky enough are born into it screaming. Be Moved by it, Challenge perceptions, Seek out Wisdom and knowledge. Have breath in your lungs, circulation under your skin Depth in your being, acceptance in your soul, Reality in Check. Stride for your next step, and a certain amount of focus in your lens.

Life, a series of trips, too long to spend in mystery. Too short to spend out of Mischief. Too arduous to have to fight for a continuous capacity in captivity. Blur is sometimes necessary. So is reading between the lines. And holding mirrors to look behind certain corners.

Be Bold, But age like a good wine, But kinda fruity, and a little bit sharp. I guess it’s OK to sit on the shelf and get a little dusty from time to time, preservation and all the rest, but you have to enlist sometime right? Drink me, or be forgotten, out grown, or smashed. Decant the simplicities and the best of. Fuck the rest.


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