Light and dark.

13th August 2012


Dont like many people left on this planet, I wear my cynicism like a general wears his stars. 

Ugh. Controlling reality,fuuuuuuuuuuk. I’m going to grow as tall as bean stalk. 

I wonder if strippers, or rather poll dancers share the discomforts and disillusion as they slide between fame and misfortune.. Up and down, down and up. – I wonder if anyone sees, wonders and think. And then draws it up like in a glass syringe and turns it on it’s point. Experience, expectations, realization.. seeing the ordinary as exceptional. Growing beyond discomforts and becoming comfortable. Fucking the notion of like and dislike off.. then there would be only drawing your own idea and not drawing a preconception of what it is thought to be. 

Hah, this reminds me of something I think I read.. Something like it would be a pitty to draw a snake and then add a leg. – does this mean keep it simple stupid. There is beauty in what is already present, why change it. Or adaption.. eh. Or preconception, that it’s wrong.

Why do we have this scheduled notion of what is and what isnt. Control, reality, ridiculous.
Why can’t people, myself included be brave and accept what is, be it negative or positive. Like an ocean on a sea-saw.
Going out into the unknown, and not fearing it, alternately being encouraged or challenged or intrigued instead. – extinguishment of expectations. It’s like children. They are not inert or pre paid. – unbound energy, and open. Light in darkness, darkness in light.

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