Passata-sotto Religion.


30th March


Religion. Counter fucking productive. Goes against the grain. Seriously, who believes the word of some dude, who wears a big funny hat and eh. On a serious note its like believing in the tooth fairy. All your wisdom falls out of your head and someone with a glass of water beside your bed tries to drown you? – Am I not right??? argh.. I don’t know.. Its just.. I don’t get it. Not to mention the non existent part and the you know, think for yourself, be yourself… where does that come into it?
If by chance you were to put all your beliefs, into a slicer.. and transparency… into this.. HOW. HOW can you do this? Sorry. I did this for a while. I believed that pope shit in the woods. Well, I guess.. he had to drop a bomb once in his life. I was like yeah! Look around all of these people! They are so happy! – All my sins would be absolved if I was a good fucking person and if I was to abide by this and that.. and bleh. Well. Dude seriously. Freedom of will. Take your chances. Look around Man. People cause the hurt, their own hurts. Take fucking responsibility for your own actions. Light and Day. eh. How is it that we are so ignorant to not see it? Sure, blame the tooth fairy.. Minds of the incapacitated.
If you are going to believe in something.. Believe in yourself.. You have one self. Be yourself. Or, given the chance. Be, Batman. Always, Batman. How awesome would the world be then. We would be Nouns. We would be doers. And quality, and qualify as.. those who are and have become productive Nouns.
Or.. this reminds me of tinker bell.. when I was a kid.. ‘I do believe in fairies. I do, I do.’ Every time I say I don’t believe in Christianity I feel like I am killing the soul of one of them. Science. Believe in thought, free will, Liberty. Capacity, Human decency, transparency. What is real. What is able to be proven. Although sometimes the unreal can be just as real, Illusions. Powerful. Bam. There you go. Circle. Your God. Paper pushing.. of the tra la la.. I am a fucking ignorant one? However, Peter Pan my wood sword swashbuckling friend, you have it right. To die would be an awfully big adventure.

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