Phi.. Fibonacci Mandelbrot fractals.


So I’m Hoping now that I just die from exposure to life. Wouldn’t that be just marvelous. Fall down and blam. Either that or I will enrage someone to their bursting point, like those zombies, you see their capillaries burst like an assimilation of red red red. Like Dexter. – their brain waves collide and they will just brake mine. That would indeed be just. Key lime pie. I’d really Cherish that. Oh, and you can get high off of lidocaine, the local stuff given for minor surgeries.. butchers, no Drs. No, butcher. 

Still think that it would be more use to just jam into my temple, or eye or target myself between the eyes.. however, its good to know that even though despite its deceptive nature of you know when you jam, ha Jam.. its nothing like jam.. jam is all goopy.. and sticky and sickly sweet.. how do people eat that.. well except when its home made.. If I had a jar big enough right now I would submerge, dive dive dive.. yellow submarine my hand so slowly into it and then not sure what else, probably Analyze it for life.. its an interesting texture.. not quite buoyant like water.. but.. blackberry No Gooseberry?I always think of Gooses, No- Geese hunting for berries in camouflage.. or Rosella.. like birds.. fuck the birds, god not like that movie.. erk.. They are soooo fucking yelling right now its like they have a billion Acrid amplifiers attached to their beaks.. and when you go outside.. they and their cloaks of invisibility swing around and vanish quicker then you calibrate your eyelids and lashes to blink.. or the beating heart and wings of a humming bird.. bleh. your feelings rather spongy, like these little tiny caves that suck things in that you dont even know about and they sit and they sway and push you around, mother fuckers.. like like like.. ermm.. oww.. erh.. words .. words.. input.. like.. macro photography.. like ohhh.. I know do you those whats the word its when those things keep going to infinity gah thats not it its a word arrrrrrrh.. I made those images the other day… the patterns you know the ones…… fuuuuuck.. like you can different kinds in snails and sunflowers and erk.. Maybe oh, Mandlebrot sets? – arrrrhh they are awesome, fractals… and and and and and you know what else is beyond awesome and why I love sunflowers? Because they go onto infinity and thats what I love sideways 8’s.. the Fibonacci sequence.. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……hows that 1,1, 2,3,5,8,13.. and and and those little numbers are ppftt boring but the big number meh.. buts the nature, and the buildings and the spirographs, mmmmmmman when I was a kid… fffffffffar out that was awesomesauce. Celery.. is cool man. So are plants like those ermm.. I dunno, errr ha whould like a pineapple. Perfect outward, inward, repeated circular, patterns.. those Christmas poky things.. that live on trees. Not to say that I keep them alive.. but cell structure kind of ammmmmmmmazing and they dont even know they are doing it! and and thats why nature gets it right all the time, its everywhere.. snails, flowers, repeated everywhere designs.. and Gaudi.. he is fucking all Aces.. you know there is still skull covering it. Reminds of that time when we were kids Alex, Joh and I messing around at their place having some kind of war that those asshole Douglas kids and Yes by the way they were Gingers, – see no soul! And that older Kid. Cant remember there names. They had the bigger house, on that weird sloping block accuse me of setting their letter box on fire, fuck that I didnt do it.. well I dont think I did, still reckon it was that crazy Alan dude.. anyways the oldest one those this Brick at Joh.. woah.. and funnily enough did she go down like a ton of bricks.. right at her temple it was.. think we all thought she was dead. But no, She lives! – beat the hell outta that kid though, ha ass kicker, bet he didnt know what hit him for a third grader and a seventh grader.. who knew I would have won. Not me. Why a fucking brick, if your letter box was fucked, why not it, it would have been lighter and gone further. Douche. Perhaps not aerodynamically sound.. arh well again, – see no souls. –

blehf etc. end of thinking capacity going to find a spirograph. And why the hell is this thing recognizing sprirograph as incorrect. Fuck I will spell you as I wish. Argh it does exsist!!!! it is a word – fucker widen your vocab. And if this toy shop does not have one, then they will construct me one. I wonder if I can make one out of a record palyer? Huh. Mmmmmm……. perhaps. Record payer and predictable earthquakes. Or bike parts.. ha.. ha.. yeeeeeeees. Indeed.

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