rain. rain rain. catacombs.


Why are the catacombs and Headstones of the people that you love.. love to celebrate their lives so Fucking cold and dismal looking either Sterile or non existential.. Make them BOLD. Sure, if they lived a life of, grey matter and sterile black or grey and gold and silver and that depicts them. Go for the granite and marble. But.. man… eh.. Fuck.. add a little or a LOT OF pigment. Light reflects, refracts, colour, so unfurl a dream. Smile where you like to think they rest. All their love, and their time in the world. Transcend. Drop a colour bomb. An free spinning wheel of Energy and field of.. Hope child. Wheeling and umbrella and those spinning windmill type air lantern.. argh the name escapes me. 

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Awwwwwesome. Liiiiiiiiiiight Bulb! 
Better use of the big wheel at south bank. Loaded up with EPIC PROPORTIONTS OF PAINT each angled and set to to release at a precise moment. Ha. Cunning misdirection. Add a little colour to the cemetery. Mass distributional device. Or a series of catapults. Flow. Epic. 

Then why not Produce beautiful headstones. Why not in the shape of your head maybe? Marbled marble. Awesomesauce. When your heart stops beating. And Boxes. You breathe inside my brain. eh. So none of this.. eh.. retro.. dullll…of this grey. Make it epic grey. So your not left in the dark. Perspex. You always held a Strong perspective. Your human shape deserves to be encapsulated in the same matter. 

You can only adjust so much. Maybe something like bamboo.. they grow through through human flesh.. 

The other day I found your shirt. Remember that day, You wrote your name on it, said you and I, are Beautiful, you wear me well. Argh. Miss you and your miss direction and direction. 

details of you make me tread water. 

Even though you are everywhere, Going to make you the most insane tribute letters box. Catapult box. We will join the confluence. 

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