May 24th 2012


What a cathartic week it’s been. Especially today. We all gathered to say our final goodbyes to Nate. It’s amazing to see the human connection at work. How many people come out of the wood works, gather for the same purpose. Humbling. It’s not the amount of people at your funeral that validate a life well lived.. but its still just.. I dont know the words. People, thick, like an epic shoal of tuna swimming up stream, fighting whatever they are both internally and externally. Some bold, some shine, some numb, uncertain and weary. However, driven by the currents. 

What happens when the time comes that those little shocks of those that are driven cease? Do we become placid, lackadaisical, morose? 

Is it akin to a gyroscope that spins and spins? how. – Eventually overcome by gravity. 

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