Equally, easily, everyone will fuck you over. Takes a lot of work. But everyone is equal and connected right?!?! – right. The dark side of the universe. Eyes to elbows, why the hell should I care. EH, I don’t mean it. Legit. Walk right through the either. Sable. 

You have the perfect disguised – the look of no care. I don’t care. Its like Ive been climbing up and down an endless amount of ladders. Game of snakes and ladders. Throw a rise. kick it from your hip to your chin. eh.. you’re like the distillation of hydrocarbons. -If I were crude oil. You would be catalyst. Fracture the the temperate. A catch and release program for fractured compounds. eh. 

So long to this vapor  What a power this would be. I was wrong, actions.. words.. the sequence. Balance. Ink the sword. Its all maths. I step down. Don’t blame me. I fold.

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