11th Feb

I was thinking.. I’d like to be different and come back as.. a sloth.. and be epically slugglish, have moss grow on me and annoy people.. but then no one would feed me chocolate or white starches, like chips. Over chips. Indigestion, reflux much. erhk. Orange chips.. A little better.. Pumpkin chips.. mmm.. pumpkin. Vegetables in general. cut in to shapes. like fire engines. or stars. or

. Sluggish.. no different from now.. eh I just read that they eat human feacies. I take it back I will not come back as a sloth, Draw the line a consumption of poo. I guess someone has too.. Hey, maybe thats where the phrase ‘eat shit and die’ comes from? A sloth.. super sloth. three toed super sloth.. aww yeah.. they eat leaves too.. super poo eating leaf crunching time devouring, probably helped Micheal Jackson on his Moon Walking Dance Sloths. Rockin it. Staple on the rainbow beared. Oh. I just saw a picture of a sloth. Not the animal I was thinking. They actually scare me. arh dear. 

On to.The Hitler drinking Game.

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