transverse etcha sketch

‘Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us.'” ~Pema Chödrön

– Well.. what then, Is Indestructible and what disposable. I need a soul train. Bleh. Or.. an

Etcher sketch. The ability to draw and redraw.. shake things up and then erase with ease. Or my old friend when I was a kid, Doodle Bear. Mark him all over, stain and give him a complex and then Wash him and relax him. Ha – If only it was that easy. That’s what we all want in life isn’t it?

To erase the mistakes. That’s what I want, to take away the burning issues and fragilities and perpendicular, parallel and vertical marks. This comments, the grind, the seemingly daily dis-ease.

A NEW form, shake and remake, so I guess you could call it. Be a structure, something willing.. something.. transverse. eh. What the hell am I on about. Transverse.

 Something new and something old. Where does that come from and why. I have that, remarks Robz staring at her forearm. Some how I think this is a little out of context. Learn form your mistakes. Draw, fucking paint. Obliterate.

Fuck it.. I’m not learning shit. Adjslfklkgdjf. Grow this or that. Mistakes you learn from your mistakes. You grow. Yeah, well.. how long does this take. Perpetual. Madness. Someone.. Tell me – When is the Fucking Intermission!!!


Geh. Bleh bleh bleh..

Impulse impulose impulse impuslse erase the world, the universe is a fucking depressant. And nothing longer fits

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