Understanding the Suicidal Cadbury Creme Egg!


So Maybe those cadbury crème eggs on those Tv adds are rational after all.. I had never been able to rationalize those eggs. Until now. Suicidal chocolate? Why? Nestle branded chocolate company on a Guilt trip? I had always wondered about the parallels to the suicidal rabbits.. interesting coffee table humor. Still..they were rabbits. Rabbits and A-bombs or Catapults That makes sense. Cracking eggs. This now makes sense! Crack the egg! Ha. Wining! 
Reality, Perception, Reflection. Energy, flow. ha. Colour fields. And magnets. And colour and awwwwwwesome. 

Eggs. Foil. Truth. Smash. Crash. They should make a Hulk egg. Paint it green. Paint it black. ….. Good song. Rolling Stones – I see a red door and I want it painted black……… splice with Strawberry Fields forever! Thats a strange tandem. Beatles and Stones. Mmmmm…… bleh. 

So.. If our Life is a reflection of the Truths that are surrounding us. And we match. Inside and out. i.e. sickness or health. You need to get you’re flow and energy back in check. All those epic colours. Theeeeeeeeeeeeen……………..
What we achieve inwardly, will mechanize like a Rube -Goldberg machine .. domino engineering. Is that even a word? Mmm…. those new structured belief systems.. therefore setting change to the outer reality. …… 

Maybe thats what it is to be true. And to be truly permeable. Maybe your only really I guess you can see it when your in the presence of awesome kids like Indi.. They can… maybe.. transfluence. – this is better.. (New Robz word..) I like it, like confluence. But nothing like it. Has a nice sound.. Like I dig her life goggles. And other people like her.. She sees things the way it should be. Or, Similar. Or Is. Transference perhaps..but that sounds like i’m copying a file over.. eh.

.I am not young enough to know everything.

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