Wisdom in teeth


Maybe we are all prescribed a certain amount of oxygen for life, our hearts being mechanical electrical pumps only beat X amount of times, yes when your time is up, it is up. BLAM, KA-POW! We expire. Our hearts, ironically; sometimes, they they explode. Electrical conductivity ceases or misfires. And then I think life, family, it’s all scripted. Like that movie. We have choices. Limited ones, unbeknown to ourselves we are shuffled in certain directions.
And then I think maybe thats why we have wisdom teeth, for when we are lacking they descend down little forming pickets and reminders of pain and then collapsing on each other bracing and reforming to atone whatever mistakes you have made or perhaps will make. Ha little watchmen teeth, on the look out for icebergs. Ergh. We all know how that went down. 

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