Cannot get out of my vision this repetitive image both day and night, its driving me ugh – It’s of my skull being penetrated by a nail like they do in over in countries such as Fiji in the villages and then my face gets desiccated. Cant remember what happens next. 

Yesterday was well I filled the bin up, hope the growth in garden doesnt have pain cause I hacked a lot of up. Ha.. It was an ‘Inferno’ I thought that was particularly funny at the time because the ferns trying to over take everything and that shit mother fucker was not on. And how hard seriously is it to keep those little tiny rocks in the damn walk way? Ugh. The rodents are on a one way trip to death. Brendan says that they can get in places that only require a 1 cm gap! This makes me.. ugh.. I have no words.. I have words that ugh.. fail. Although they are not dead…hrmm.. I cannot fit in the fridge or the microwave. Ash doesnt want to live in the microwave. And I am slightly concerned that. Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiigs in Space! 

I have ultra sound wave detector things that have electricity thingos I dunno what they are called.. little black submarines you plug these into your power outlet and they send waves into the air.. marco – polo. Find them that way.. or rather they omit them. Waves and particles. Woooah it would be like Dash in the freezer again.. lolololol. Owh. Alive or dead. Mmm. No he needs a HUH full metal jacket! – HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THEY CAN DO! Fucken wowzah! Eat through anything .. teeth of steel.. not man of steel.. the wood, man.. the floor boards.. gah.. we are all fucked. 

Little black submarines..

Twwwwennntttty… ermmm… what, seven? Yeah that sounds about the right two digits for age up or down on the scale of numbers for closer to dieing and cake and melting wax. What is up with all of that anyway? People think that I’m macabre. Celebrate the dieing. ha. Hurray for cellular death! 🙂 People should be happy about dandruff then. 

Birthday Candles. – Why do they twist? Are there little people on them, like the speck on Horton here’s a Who? And, The candles and flame and flicker.. you watch it melt down down down down, decanted thoughts perhaps they are the wishes? The candles are kind slumped form, the manipulation of taking down a flag. Candles in flag form – with this pot of bubbling coloured waxiness that you cannot stop yourself from sticking your index finger into knowing for a millisecond that it will coil itself, invisible sizzle imprinting, encapsulating the day, much like wet paint.

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