I love you deerly -Leah

You left here with a soul enriched so bleak
soaked to the boneImage
Drysabone drench with Valium
mind with its capacity tethered to the end
Wrists were slit with the hope of a de-compensating perforation,
Eyes wide shut, wings, spine left out in the rain to rust
Substance so heavy
Vacant aptitude
Despondent, transcend
our children are exactly what we need.

Hitch, thumb a new page, easy does it. Frame it in a new subpargraph


Availability, livability, bikes for frames not profitability, hearts for fists.

Chalk on the pavement not securing a circumference,

cracking the broken backs of my mother, your mother,  ever other mother fuckers broken life body. Edge the National, the Geographic, the subscribed, the porous, the raptors  the subspecies hold a

blended, united mend a societal mind, your worlds collide, wash it out.
apocalyptic mind
muddy rail slide
prisoner from your own grand Canyon

ball breaking
fighting your transgressions
like a scab, when will it mend and
you fell off
your trolley, like a Santa who is rather Bent.
Like every week day that ended in WHy?

I will make sure to bring my portable polygraph
Not that you are mechanical in anyway
except life can fuck you over
humans are less human
and know no boundaries
they know no bandages
other then products and prices
and extinctions and industries.
for a heart that is fully charged
with an extension and Recharged after use
adaptability with love
and truths that is made just for you.
You are genuine
Life is meant to be blistering on your sunshine and Beams of light that
radiate from your purest of heart that can sometimes splinter into
you protect the weak and show love and respect and regard to many more
seek out courage and suitcases and ropes burn your bridges before they have been built.
I will build you Arches for you horizons and freeze ice cubes for your ashes
warm your coffee mug and be fluid
Its awesome that you know love, pity that it’s also hate inward you know
and love paint, you should check it out, viscosity, it flows perfectly.
and are beautiful and perfectly and imperfect that’s in-sync sometimes with life you can see that with that secret smile.
you will never be trapped in a greedy box.
Please try hold on for you life
You are like the thunder and lightening that you love so bold
obliterate the undesirable irrational inconceivable.
but hey, sometimes we need those hurts to relish the Loves so huge that makes us live so fierce, harness the Bold, be oh, ready Oh, Ok, I’m not so.. afraid…. yeah I am.. but perhaps.. I have this cool friend.
Paint you a water colour day, smash it out with paddlepops and spray paint.
come imagine with me castles and fishbowls
and dragons wings taped upon the fragile paper backed lizards
bow ties and doc martins,
or streamers and vodka
tessellations so intricate,
make your mind incapacitated.
Watch your delicate, infinite, cycle.
Radiate, colours, you are able to rewrite this.

I’m going your way if you are.
If you stay stagnant you will sink.
we are all connected
if think otherwise you’re living in a mass of denial.
I know that place intermittently. Perhaps like the back of my hand. I suspect you have placed your palm in it’s grip once or twice before. All about revival.
I’ll smile at your contusions and your conflicted self and your slaves.
Rest your head
Love your life and define
what life
remember your dreams and the simple things. what is.

I think I could
Thank you for being the best at being you.
There is no instruction on how to live life best or right
Freedom, for those who seek, maybe find it when they cease.

maybe we’re living by our own clocks..

you only need to go outside to get some fresh air
I don’t know what we are searching for
liberating our own lies
gluing together our own futures and skin and
sharing songs, new, old..
You are here, Your near If you listen you could hear the ice caps melt
collapse and fucking explode.. Ever wonder what’s submerged underneath? ninety percent?
I will celebrate you and all that you stand for..
this is now.
You and I live outside the box
Banksy collapsed it
and said kid you moved this mountain and bled vermilion
grow some more,
so I took some origami and here is a new kind of scene without the attached Emo scream
no barriers or boarders
or flat packed or packaged..
free ranged and luminescence..
you don’t need a tracking device or GPS
no intervention
dub be do be do.. All you need is love love love love..
maybe a few hugs and drugs
and a few sidecars… or side cards to play right when we are all that is left.
painted in all the colours we like..
we can go so far.. on all the trails..
and then a few leaves and fire trucks..
lets leave and and embark.. a new infusion hazing transmission
it will lead us to the ocean,
we are all pure energy that is connected a drop..
lets evaporate..

who knows… maybe its the end, or the begin..
our life time is rather terrifying.
If you need to capitulate to survive this magnitude.
I will always love you.


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