I wish we could appreciate what is beside the parallels of time what stays beside the cessation of time. Let it be. regardless.  maybe we would ugh.not redact?

Do something simple, move a mountain. rather, than be someone simple. ugh. apply the simple designs to gain a tangible result. Service the dry powder chemical extinguisher, Go and clean the leaves out of the drain pipes. cascade a bonsai tree.

Build an Island. Drift it to Russia with Love. Perhaps not in the shape of Uranium. Although it is said that everyone, everything has it’s place. Even post it notes lose their adhesiveness  Gravity is a bitch- especially when in collusion with the slippery nature of the un-productiveness of Nothing which is everything- atoms, collisions, protons, matter.. everything, friction, fiction or the premature loss of… Eventually you are going to suddenly fall.

Christmas Day tomorrow. It’s not going to Snow. even though I left the door of the freezer open. no snow. The fridge/ freezer is sounding like a life long smoker on in palliative care. ha.

I have a capitulated mess of little frozen plastic animals in my freezer, unused, was to be for a terrarium  well, they were frozen, perhaps they have survived the demise of a slow freeze.. An equivalent to an acute torrential Australian flooding in scale? Perhaps i should make them tiny perforated life preservers, after all they didn’t make it… eh.. frozen steak… … and ducks… But ducks can swim.

How I loathe Christmas.



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