Margaret Olley: A Life in Paint – Blog – ABC Arts

Margaret Olley: A Life in Paint – Blog – ABC Arts.


Amazing tribute to

Margaret  true Blue, red, Orange, lemon,some Australian’s tell a story of living an Authentic life of living bush, she lived an artisans life in the pigment  ingrained in her soul, among the brushes, in her work. if a woman could live steady the gum tree, free in work, lived in the compositions and played, died and breathed as she saw fit. That is what it is to be happy and content I think. Championed the palette. of the colours, of the misted the eye hand evoked thought and composition was elegant and free radical  e. and she Ugh..  was my kind of Ideas Lady.  my new kind of old landing. I wish I had A hand shake from her.  

Cheers to you and All the Places and plains  that your Brain and Life Goggles took and and will continue to take us too. Thank you for being extraordinary amours of infinite dints and imperfection And seeing everything everywhere!  not just in of flowers and blooms and paint just the composition of people and places but being able to lasso the adjectives and nouns Illumination the trajectory and project life.. I appreciate you. so. so. so. much. life, Murwillumbah life, Murwillumbah River, 1956 cupboard, 1976 yellow room, 1989 with bottlebrush, 2000 lilies and ginger jar, 2010-11 and wine decanters, 1994-95 and checked cloth, 2008 in Sydney, 26 July, 2011


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