Peter Pan, He’s my Side Kick.

Humankind cannot bear very much reality.

— T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets


Good point. Human kind doesn’t face, fess.. shoot em, slash em’ up, we build and burn bridges to the grizzly bears and burdens of life. When brains are  traveling left or right or head on in the realms of adversity for that matter we use buzz light year and expose ourselves to imaginitis. Reality, pfftt… WHAT? Never, Peter Pan he’s my side kick. Batman and Robz Inc. wwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah… Superman Wears His under wear on the OUTSIDE.(And apparently when I’m in the men’s department-, in the Men’s underwear section this not the norm to apply undies on my figure over my jeans… while trying to figure out what it is that constitutes the best,  most comfortable, durable and what exactly is it that makes a great pair of super undies anyway? So…. You ask the random guys    the local mens wear locality which had become nil.. a freaking tumble weed could have blown through.  Soft have to be soft, size……. Palm to the face… ugh.. soooooooooooo many variables.. and not mention how much junk.. I could have just about compiled a survey.. or done what I did after an hour or two of underwear debate. Men,  it’s amusing to see them behave and get all.. erm.. awkward when you ask them what size underwear they wear. Perhaps I should have started with mine first.

failing that. Buy one of each comfortable one in Large and tell him to donate it. Because Everyone appreciates underwear on Christmas, Especially Superman.

Shopping for housemate for Christmas presents is impossible.

People are so bleh, we are so mass consumers …fear junkies, and do not consider the welfare of others a great deal, generally we are a conceded and selfish ego saturated populous. We wear our lives and peculiarities and persecutions like over inflated whoopee cushions that have been permanently attached to the seats of our pants.   Ignorant, arrogant, blissful, peaceful, our  situational position in space horizontal or vertically challenged, when we sit or fall down we place the blame when it’s convenient on our neighbour because we can’t take responsibility for our own actions, or crisis that are created but are great at being placeholders. A huge amount of people wouldn’t think twice if it was lifeboat situation, happy to bring out the irons and hammers start  breaking femurs, lies and creating pathetic obvious toupees  at our opportunity. Only as strong as your weakest. Statistics show we are the healthiest and doing the best we ever have.. fucking advertising.

Recently Reviewed a  program of a woman who horded Animals, hundreds of them, dead and alive,  Perhaps every person hordes something? This is where I hypothesise that everyone who is going to be cracked is going to be doing so for the same distinction, well if it could be this way. It would be awesome and simple and the clarity and transparency and distinction would be brilliant. If everything in her home was made of transparencies she would still have her core issue, however, there would be many less squashed cats.

A person should want to live, if  only out of curiosity.

— Yiddish Proverb

Do you think this lady’s enormous gusto for cats was like.. A relative cup of  Sunshine motivated or mixed in with catnip?  I don’t know how to give rise to an appropriate descriptor.. A woman  hording cats stemmed from this? Or is this the saying curiosity killed the cat? Because.. I certainly think..  it applies directly to this situation. I think perhaps if she killed hundreds of cats in her home under an avalanche of home appliances and her loved things and pre loved things, those that had meaning to her and mounds of rubbish that would mean that she had the most love in the entire house if it Love and curiosity cats had anything to do with it.. then she would win the status Quo.  Perhaps she even has a trophy somewhere?

Or Curiosity is the new Robot.. ha. It could search out the Life Mission.

Perhaps The difference between one sickness and another… you know if you were to knock out all of the diagnostics and criteria, which makes no sense.. but it does..  There seems to be many parallels. Comfort: Perhaps it is a little like The Doctor, these people like all people are Human, they are too Human, sensitive, their hearts are way too huge and perhaps they need to decant some of their heart beats into another heart.. soooo they need another.. like The Doctor.. as he has two Hearts.. for the run off..  For and for the comfort… it applies for all tangents.. Probably not.. as I really haven’t actually paused and propped to stop to think about it.. Just a missle thought.. but all types.  an Obese person, a depressed any person of interest, serial killer not like a compact person though, although, tiny people I am sure are not without advantage and disadvantage, the pawn to cross the check board. Addicted persons, sickness, exercise, whatever interesting item this algorithm can be applied to.

Then I heard who was it? Eh, someone said this, I found it rather cumber some for an entry.. meh.. words.. it has to apply to this also.. Irritating, bleh.

‘They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.’

— Tom Bodett

So… 1. Why those three things…
I mean It has to do with many contingencies. It has to start with something, from nothing to something, and then multiplies infinitely… Perhaps my number shouldn’t be three? I have always liked zero however its numerical value is amazing and three is radically artistically and aesthetically pleasing. If I continue to do things in threes where does it stop. It’s like filling a bag,  or staring into the dark.


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