Emma. Sliding. etc.

Twenty twelve has had broad stokes, blank spaces, thankful it is winding down and broaching its finality, only an uncertain four hours to box it out and pack it up until another calendar year turns over bureaucratic subjective 2013…  proximal development. I wonder if this year coming will be difficult, heal? Argh, the throbbing wisdom signposted in tooth in all likelihood says, controversial or not, don’t panic.  yes.


Not all bad, buddy system with A bottle of Appleton Estate Rum, and The History of Fire fighting and Apparatus and Case studies. Solitude invaded by the not so distant fireworks, and its five past eight, a little premature for the new year for the lighting up the sky..

I reminisce Thinking of you Emma Fairbanks. A time when we first met how your Surname name is  but an oxymoron. And you asked me my name. I said Robz, you said it wasn’t. I assured you it was, and then corrected myself to my Christian and Surname. You laughed and Called me ‘Robin Banks’ from then on. I proceeded to give you the History of one of my favourite artists Banky and that his name was Also Robin and that he originally wanted to tag himself ‘Robin Banks’ but it was far too long so shortened to Banksy.  So, ‘Robin Banks’ and ‘Fairbanks’ I guess it was a matter of balance. To which you were badly in need.

I still remember you and your antics rather fondly. You lived A huge life, a complex design, compacted with huge demons, it hurt you more then you loved it. You win some you lose some.

I Had a go at a kind of drift bike towed behind a car last night, some random kids and their dad in the early hours. They said they were going to go down a steeper decline, apparently Mt Coot her..  I originally wondered what the noise was, and was going to seek evidence when they died. However, it wasn’t the case. (Yet.) Claimed to reach upwards of 70  kms Not a bad effort.  You would have been in your element.

It reminded me of the time when Ali  bought her New car and were thrashing it, you know test drive see how fast it goes, didn’t calculate the bump, which morphed into a ramp at speed and as we glided through the air turns out steering in the air doesn’t mean a great deal of anything much.. so the invisible hand of God.. or Wholly Fuck.. and beautifully pronounced sparks and divit in the asphalt when you land, and then the parts  you collect on the road… and limping home after the a well-deserved Hi five for Johnny Five is Alive!


You would have loved it. A near nose dive. A win. Incidentally. We didn’t even realise we were stupid until the car failed to be awesome.

You lived large Emma, blew your knees out, life didn’t give you the correct coordinates for a beautiful life, or something.. you ensured a no return. You.. I’m not sure..

Whatever your pleasure.. I  hope its.. brilliant.


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