# 2 Dash.


Dash cruising with his bone after a soak on a blistering summer day. Woo! Advantage Adventure Time! A loyal companion, a dog who loves the high pitched squeakiness of a  Cat and the quirkiness of the other plushy that he frequently brain damages, Loves the chase and shakes because of mellow ‘Honks’ he sometimes receives when he drools on its middle.. I actually think after some time, it could be a cross between a sausage dog and  hedgehog.. either way, the thee of them get along great. Dash just could have a slight foot fetish however, frequenting the foot area and there are no squeezer sounding pods in their locations, just, feet of some description. eeriness. rather footiness?

A dog will have his trinkets I guess.. bones, plushies, leisurely brushing and the OD walk.. which by that i mean..I have concluded that He loves the idea of walks, they are eagerly anticipated.. A Goldilocks complex. In the harness, bolts down the staircase, A seeming-less endless stream of urine, for a block. then he sits. Or has an expectation or be carried,no, more so a conductive of a ploy.  Sure he will see the outside world with rose coloured glasses and nose that loves to explore, especially poo. If you are his servant. Ha.  Coax him forward, he will wriggle free and BOOM.. you are off and away.. I swear the dog has rockets up his butt. Clever, manipulative, so and so. Why it’s ingrained, tiny feet, huge puppy dog eyes, huge imagination.. that soon leads you forward, or side ways.. backwards.. over and under.. and back again..Adventures.. especially through the Local IGA.. egh… will not be reliving that. Ever.  Possibly learned it through.. –  Adventure Time, one thing though.. he as great taste in Comics. High fives, currently I am grateful for his sometimes Bob Marley Alternate placid lovable nature.


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