Some brains are awesome.

  • Facebook Message from an awesome artist friend. K.S. 🙂 – Epic with Wax! and has an incredible brain. smile for the day, thank you, for making my boots a little lighter.  
  • “My word for the year is inspired by you! Spending time with you always leaves me longing to be more audacious! So now I am going to be more aware of trying to bring more audaciousness into my life and my work. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Xxx”
    K, poses a Question.. what’s your word for the year?

    entropy.  first word that came to mind.  – quantity specifying the amount of disorder or randomness in a system bearing energy or information.

    the greater the entropy, the less available the energy.

    Perhaps. It should be Lucid? . Like my belt says. Or ADVENTURE TIME!
    . Adventure time.


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