Don’t be a variation of an intrusive thought. Don’t agonize over getting it right. find meaning in the Un.. I wish my brain had a kick-start.

Well it is impossible to type productively with welding goggles on. Even if the letters are in reach across the board.  And the letters are written with precision both hands and on the inside of my goggles.. still predictive and unproductive. Minor amounts of amusing for lower case letters, heading out in rambling, reeling in and around swilling, lying in the dark with luminous elastic ideas, for around two minutes for a summer’s night. Rather, early morning.


Falling off the grid, or kick me off the map. What’s the point, taste the green grass on the other side of the lead covered fence. Inspect, connect, and sever the synapse. Ostentatious design, soaped electric kite, blew out the flicker of the light, and gathered the dust from the storm, the awaking of the chime, ignominious Icarus, deserves to crash and burn, too close to the flicker of the beam, takes across a current burnt, estuary, lignocaine sail on the beast of burden ostensibly.

Life. Self-installed ignored cacophony.



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