People. require distilling before human interaction

Adjectives: people certainly add ignition to their vocabulary use their sense of destroy humanity when they hurt, some their imaginations. Other times, they insist on the other person dying, why is it they think this will make their situation better, if the others are worse? Why not a good debate? It simply doesn’t balance? An eye for an eye? Then you would be blind.

The bitter feuding, to put it mildly – the back forth and eventual abruption, the termination of the relationship between lovers, and friends. It was consistent with many variables, reflected in the Adult world and Animal Kingdom.  Primal, lust, Love, infidelity, perhaps they were reading two different novels? No..

You, know.. I Think it is better to tell the truth, at least, that is honest.

Cam, I don’t know what his story is anymore, other than the facts. I don’t think I ever really fully understood the depths of the gravity of it and never will. One of those things I guess.

Actually, I do understand that, Relationships do terminate, fact. – although the human heart is a muscle it is an electrical pump, they break.

Leah, Has a right to seek happiness. As do you. .

Every person has the same rights

Regardless if you love someone, you cannot make them love you back, deal with it. Pick your Pump up, engineer yourself a new one, but stop telling yourself that story, accept what is and move forward, slandering is for cowards.

People are stupid they don’t have awesome thoughts.


Only to be left with this.. What? changed, ambiguous, changed, He reminds me of the Rhys’s Monkey.


Only to be turned by his own undoing’s and unfurling of tongue.  Perceptions can be a cruel and offbeat thing, whimsical position.


How can a person be.. so hurt.. and bitter and resentful . and they just can be. or are. there needs to be a machine or distillery that takes out their hurts and distills it, makes them human again. Redacts it all.. Or am I wrong, accept people as they are, that is the Respect and Regard yes?  Pure unconditional . bleh. I dont know either way, confused is all.. Even when they are being a Royal Prick? The discomfort for Leah is abhorrent-   does this still count when you know the behavior displayed by the person, (cam) is so small.. or rather large. you know.. abstract.. and dissimilar to how  they were (better at being) people before? and you know that they are quite capable of being decent, Human beings? So, is that he chooses to tantrum like a child sling insults  to be heard? – or make it personal, or what is it.. what an extraordinary exchange of energy. to threaten people constantly. Perhaps he feels threatened. – Unsure.   Or perhaps this is who they are now? Is this a

Jekyll and Hyde scenario . perhaps. Or a personality switch, due to massive drug exposure. and the Happiness being drained, it’s all in his boots.  or just them not giving two shakes of a fuck. It is what it is. They are who he is now… two boots walking. either way. he needs the truth.



He needs to shut it and quit his crying.

There are no harp strings here.

A revolving door.

her world is breaking,

Scaling, the world of the underground decrepit, cynicism

Without a scale.

Because of unctuous boys with small corrupts thoughts

They declare their convictions are intentions

Will soon turn into convicts

She is fucking awesome

Strong and smart and well Genuine.

I love her more then


Triangular or hexangular tessellations


I wish people were less defensive.

People’s minds are a gigantic

Per pensive Pez popped candy


Except not rectangular or tasty,

Or confectionary based


Sugar based, existentialism?

I would much prefer a coffee based existentialism.



They all have tangled issues

Story after story


Rarely fact

Means and ends.

Egos and whine



I am fine.


Blown out of the water

Pirate and ships

Are necessary

With revulsion

Leeds to revolutions?


Cables and Irons.


Torcher, assault, extortion.

Need I continue?

Deprivation of Liberty?



Or freedom and handle bars.


With so much vapid

And desalted waves.



Little and epic



And thoughts





I am fine


I love you

Captin Oblivious

We are all a little bananas

Gravity dependent

Busy persuading furniture to move itself

People can be patient

Or not.

The anxious Patient


The cock fights

And heart attacks

Daily digests

Love rests

On the sleeves

Of many

And runs down the fronts

To greet the seagulls

Who shit on on the statutes.

Who feeds again the ego

Eat another crisp,

Or fill and dust that bronze that chip bro.


Me, self and I

Inhabitant of combustible chamber

Furling the cold

Sweet, steel ribbon

Particles that concertina

Collide rise against light as the weight

Against my chest

Anatomy in the reader’s digest

When will the collapses


Life of Pi

The arriving grey divide

Arrive at the details

The significants

All day,

Midday in the grey scale

The Australian Dream

Swallow the removal of depiction deprecation

Regard, respect, homer?


Buy another burger.


There is no love between silence.







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