My dead friends greet me through their body bags

They flood me with bloody tails

They breathe fierce

Numb and cold

Their love never left me

Their views still divide and conjure

The radiant surfaces,

Thunder Eggs.

Building Arches


The trenches and collisions

Walls of my

and transgressions


Numb skull

Inhabitant of body

And beneath my veins

Their morals

And their lives

Share my perceptions


Today we shared the common sunrise, alibi

And she caressed my pulse and held my veins

Like vines

Cannon balls and white lines

Asked when will the picket lines

To my artillery

Be less then the conclusion

Or an Epiphany

Axiom, delusion,

Atom, entropy

Or the arrest of a heart beat

Its more the drumming sound

Of a small army

I said, nah- It’s  calm before the storm

Simplicity darling anarchy arrest the cacophony

enjoy the timpani.

The deluge of the heard of droplets

Transcending from and open skies

Are not hollow

And their wings

Aching wounded

Meer mortal coils

Plated, arched lightening enriched




And flagged

Fly fierce


How you see us..



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