Flooding 2013

Flood waters.. Ipswich, Brisbane.. Fires, Nature e.h.. Bitter sweet..
Some of the conversations that are sent between people are most amusing. could be considered crimes against well.. no not humanity, but good nature, you know..some times i wonder how some people have not landed themselves among-st the debris and floodwater and who’s brains and ethics and worthiness and goodwill has washed away.. . and maybe i now know where that term..  ‘I’ve got that sinking feeling’.. comes from.. must be when you are on poor soil or you have grenades with lose pins.. In your mouth, brain.. a combination of the two..

you know I really do wonder if some people were carrying around their luggage, or baggage .. is just knives.. because people sure do like to have digs at one another.. persistent little obtuse debates that  seem not really worthy of much more then observation, or  a chuckle. Ipswich, you make me laugh sometimes.

Ha, when I saw those satellite dishes in the waters I did think Beam me up Scottie. Also wore my hidden part of Icebergs shirt today, an ice-cream in the shape of iceberg. You have to see it to get it. Eh. I dig it.

collated a short film of the evolution of enveloped areas of Ipswich and it’s flooding stand points, vantage points. Stand out parts – ant on a tennis ball, the raging light pole and the bridge- epic. Plus the copious amount water you know. Image


Short compilation of today


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