The transcribing of a dream state

The Loading up of a tired stature, structure roped with amass of fluffed up white pillows soon to be drenched, deranged and swollen by the overbearing capacity and tenacity of a torrent of unstable water. The energy, nuclear reaction.. ugh… strapping my body with the preservatives of pillows and filling a wheeled barrow to the conclusion is hardly life affirming, but a soft place to fall..

Pillow person. Ha. No time for jokes. The strike force of water was a wave of a bold upheaval of inconsistencies transparencies… Here is Me, much like a Silly Symphony Cartoons, Coyote and Road Runner in which the holds up the sign before or during the of self-destruction.. eeepp.

Failing, with conduits, small aptitude and a style all of my own.. I guess a kind of destructive vehemence.

Another onslaught off soggy pillows! Ha! Little perseverance in an ominous search for a baronage or crosshairs: drainage met me in ruins with capitulation, cumbersome sight, a flag of yet another bloated pillow.    Arrgh.. oh my.

.Soggy. Soul destroying. ignominious. .Pillows. Ugh.

Drown.. Breathe in…An affair with water: cataclysm, distorted and bizarre, revolves, rebut the ubiquitous choice dissolve.

I have an adventure to continue on, package soggy or not, dissuade me, Not today. Now. Load up recoil.

Hell and High waters.
Dissolution, your face, your face an evaporative map, constellations, no reciprocations, grimace or disgust… blank receipt. Slaughter the visceral cacophony. I cannot intake.

every product from the ACME Corporation

every product from the ACME Corporation


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