Beautiful You: Visible Horizon.

Fucking…… argh… building a time machine of fortitude and of arches and Solace and Science and string Theory and beautiful delicate strands of lace to hold you together with and an Ark to bring two of everything you love and need to let live. Ugh. Because, fuck, urk, things change, life is failing like a sun bleached erroneous receipt and I have washed it out to sea, perceptions change, ugh things don’t change, only our vision, life goggles, and wishes. Souls exchange and bodies grow weary energies.. are oceans. I can appear in you and you in me, reside in my top pocket? – or there you go, that horrible pit, that place, I got as infinite as stories are worlds are unique, that place I get lost in and bespoke, that place I go to ponder, and think.. Ugh.. I’m siting and framing and typing, nothing will ever render itself complete, final, Lindy, family you were for a better world, ineffable.. still you will never read a word. Bless you, and thank you. 

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