Car window diving.

You know there are some days I feel as If I have lived and ached and worn through the souls of a thousand boots, seen too much and acquired things I care not to remember and in the same breath are still searching for… and appreciate nothing. zip, nil, nada. I have No wisdom, knowledge.  However, burned a great deal of bridges, and unseated too many genes. Bleh.

Few days are more ridiculous then others. Take for instance today. A learner driver steadily rolls through a red light, delightfully taking their time to engage their foot with brain and their breaking capacity Thanks for that.   Granted I should be more aware at lights and on Crossings should be brighter or something. Drivers are without sufficient mental capacity to operate a vehicle. The worst that can happen is well, crippling injury, death would be a welcoming blessing for me.

In reflection my reaction is a little funny perhaps, lesson worthy, .. perhaps on road rage and perception…   Walk over to the instructor window half climb in the window “Red means Stop! I thought we were laughing at the dead person.”

Maybe this could be classed as new kind of engaging strenuous outdoors activity, not washing the windows at the cars stopped at red lights but keeping them alert and giving them knowledge and random information?

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