I think I just might have found the sadest, loneliest, soul destroying word the history of the English language, at least for today.  ‘Endling’… With immoveable words and vast optimism bestows huge and endless imaginatitis .  At first thought, Oh yeah! Epic. Endling… That could be the satisfaction you gain when you finish a solidly written novel. That tiny ending that ties all of those lose ends.  Alas, it is nothing of the sort.  An endling is an animal in my mind could in a way almost be classified as bespoke, would be a stand out in both the Australian Geographic and The Lonely Planet, as I assume maybe that’s how it would maybe feel when you are the finality of your species or subspecies only to be rendered down and waiting to be obsolete, extinct. Hurray for optimism. Lets make these fellas a nice suit. And not the leather or fury kind.

Another thing  I  realized, I am fucking exhausted. People no matter how harmless they intend to be, remain exhausting. today is an example of just how  much  I agree with the below quotes.

“People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic.’”

Dylan Moran

CHuck Palahniuk lullaby
One more thought, I hate beef, but love rainbows. Beef rainbows. Their luminescence. More thinking on that later. Time for Coffee .. If by chance the world doesn’t suddenly decline into Nuclear War, after all action speaks louder than words. North Korea taking arms. Someone give North Korea a sizable hug,handshake and a stern talking too please and take away their weapons before someone throws a nuclear tantrum,  fallout that someone will more than likely regret and negate to take responsibility for damages of their ignominious mess only left to witness the hollow repercussions of the eternal struggle of men and matter .  ugh.

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