think outside.

I understand you the best as one can.

I will never understand the misguided logic behind this, the why, or the intrinsic motivation that is required to do this.. Ugh. How could one even choose this as a profession… granted most people are.. well rooted in their boxes. Hell everything in our culture these days is  boundless . People are closed fisted, yet have these requirements of ‘unboxings,’  When we are the biggest box headed and live inside, eat out and out of and dwell in, work in, study in, spend the most part of our lives in boxes. and yet have ‘unboxings’ for the increasing consumption of the mechanical devices to take home to another box to add to the pile of things that will not in all likelihood improve life or existence, just  Resistance and conformity perhaps another box of certainty. ha.    eh.  basically. I think this has to be up there with scrapping chewed gum off of the undercarriages of the abused public railway system, buses, sidewalks and seats, well just about any painted  surface that people who choose to live their lives like disjointed and ergh sounds like this place is in fact submerged in gum, not quite the case, yet.. Although I do tend to stick to the pavement quite frequently. Good to know if there is ever a flux in gravity I guess.. One up for the errm… ill faired and flat focused gum dwellers, keep those jaws in check.. People chewing on rubbery plastic.. Mintiness.. mmm.. fresh.. Nice.

Come on.. but  Plastic FOOD… IT’S LIKE.. thinking along the lines of a plastic coloured packed piece of fruit, glancing at it, the sting and zing of the pace of the fluidity of your mind.. lulling and slowing to stop work meeting and saying.. I really am that stupid.. oh… hell no.. Go outside you Asshole admire some Nature! Stupid advertising gig. The whirring background noise, ‘But Geez I am a little  hungry.. Think I could eat’… and then, the condescending prick photographer you could probably hear him laugh through the permeating stench of it all..  those wretched fruit bandits are all in on it..   admiring each other’s egos, stroking each other beards and abusing your mind all for  food.. and original thought.. if you were to think, it would seem foreign.. adept at turning on the televisions and honing on  their slogans of  you are fat, have health problems, playing on your insecurities and selling you health insurance and funeral schemes..  Seriously. Ugh. Come on! food, liquor, the pharmacy, what’s in the water, what’s not… and all the rest and the majority of the time, it is plastic… Far out, how stupid are people? Probate Tv. import free thinking.  Ha. People think that I am misguided.. Duuuuuuude!!!  Some people need to wake uuuuuuuup. Ugh…………..

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