merits or lack thereof.

One inescapable truth of the universe and the growing pains, folds of change, chalice, challenge and chance is that throughout your perspectives, glances and blows in life all kinds of people will mumble all kinds of things about your existence, whether they tell you to your face, write it down on a sticky note, mask it to your back, blog about it, post about in social media or dislodge your pin, as you’re a little volatile nature coined a social Hand grenade carry heavy boots and can leave you staring at the bottom of a bottle of resignation and with perpetual regret.  Life is as certain as death, sometimes linear, you have commitments such as having to learn the curve,  or rather  learn the continuum of the onslaught of thoughts, feelings, white knuckling, brain and mouth –operations, all a matter of semantics.  Then, there is the feedback and complaints department, never lacking in drive, often surprising thoughts and comments that accompany criticisms, merits the lack thereof  reality check, observations and the spontaneously combustible questions that just need to be asked, that unfortunately don’t stem from a Yoda and do form the wrong impressions. But you get that.

ugh. What Do you think?  The answer, A lot. That hardly makes a difference, now does it, hardly important,  epic. I would have to Value your train of thought even of thought. Imagine that.   Surely enough, You will find yourself at the end of a conversation and aloof before the being. Thinking is dangerous. Ask someone the truth of a matter and they will keel over with an exhibition of expressions of I just don’t know what.. But it is curious and amusing.  Awwwwkward. People, their musing appetites for disapproval and the quota for disqualifying other people through opinions is ubiquitous. I guess that part of freedom, and why it’s not free. Government.  Why should it matter. It shouldn’t. Be awesome. So why do so many of us tether to acceptance and worth and are so eh vulnerable to an existence of other people’s opinions. Why care?

I wonder if the evolution the human brain.. since we hardly use it. We just.. Bit sad really. More storage. High anxiety, fight and flight all that, but such fluidity and highly adaptable. What changes will come. We are such a fear driven race, greedy and for what.. we are living longer and healthier and stronger..  for what to alienate each other, to breed fear, paranoid, to mismanage our economy, our fauna and flora, water and other resources, minds that are fragile and so poorly that collapse in on themselves or become diseased and go mad.

what a sad misguided aggregate we have become. Sometimes I think Google maps is more complex than some of the synapses, and maps based on the behaviour of our brains, the paths of ‘stuff’, behaviour and actions.  Even though, somewhere I know this simply isn’t true. We as a populous are truly all complex beings, based off  of the delicate interwoven fierce firing tessellations of space that are forged together to make meaning and balance.

The complex nature of the neurons and maps in every person’s brains should in itself prove equal.  The ability to construct geographic sense with reliability astounds me without failure. Not to mention emotion and facial recognition and memory.  Input from all directions, environment, the bodies senses are all cues for building meaning. That alone, I find simply amazing. Most days I think humans not worthy enough for a heart, why give them a brain, they don’t live to their potential. Waste away, freedom, hurt and abuse.  People have eyes and refute and good choice and do not see.   Not to mention the vast array of colours. Just, arghhhhhh! I cannot articulate the epic nature, or nature itself and the palate of colours that it has to offer. Prodigious. Brains, neural pathways. Recognition. There is a great amount to see in life, to be able to recognise these things with acuity, even better.

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