Redefine your own points of navigation pin point way of calibration through the capsules of decay and dust, which lay heavy upon the jackets of coats layer by layer, gaining a rolling resistance of petulance ignorance, a towering caked in moist blanket feel. Not quite real. A Sullen and intrusive haze of handshakes similar to the way a set of lost finger tips read every porous surface, searches and advances divides in the guise of landslides tired, now in camouflage heavy and still on the sills of your morning thoughts, routines of bemusement debasement and bombastic ways sifting through those empty vessels for a care.  Don’t tell me, disappointing, what it is that I require, live better, should I purse my lips. What chemicals or currents stir and bridge to forge syntax, empathy to be, let it go. I stand left handed not right; there is no causation to change what is fixed.
Whatever happened to unconditional respect, regard and love? … Then again, ha, When in Pleasentville..

eh, life is all outcomes based. Bleh..

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