She did not need much, wanted for little. A kind word, anonymity, mirror neurons, ingenuity, value, solid ground, upturned coffee mugs, less dust. The track unbroken, fresh air, clean water, freedom, foresight and  knowledge,  redemption, worth, blanket-forts room enough for contemplation, rest, a forest, flame,  boot prints, movable earth and books to read, sheltering arms, a dog to feed, humility, to see to regard and to love and be loved in return.

A heavy farewell, leaves the sediment of the amazing echo of such a personality. I find myself lulling interchanging waves in a sentence that has not yet breached my tongue in a feverish pitch of all the egocentric reasons in the world..ugh, You are such a beautiful enigma.

I fail to articulate the rising and falling of formations, the information archaic and inert  the bridges to lane ways..  my mouth and  brain still even surprise me atomically.  cataclysmic levelling.   Time and time again I fill the chronic atrophic cavity mulling  to the cacophony of deafening apprehension and proportion.  This  chest  deconstructs by saying the wrong thing more often than not to some degree or another or nothing at all.

Ugh. Even the most elegant of flowers wilt and fade. Turn to dust.

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