At the end of the day, your ability to connect. Two radtastic people, with epic life forces. – Brilliant.

The recesses on the hinges of my mind traveled today. Seedy back and forth in discussion for a trade agreement. A tidal wave water colour obliteration loop the feedback. Felt an equivalent to the changes and channels of an afflicted animation. Cinematic thrashing, eye provoking, life distorting. An entire new liquid lyricism sepia city, jeering like an ethics steering committee.
A mini mayhem biosphere circumventing conflict, adaption to prospect the unearthing of a nugget golden, the perspective of and association of reality.

Art is the restoration of chaos and order, discussion of defenestration, dissolution with strike of hunger/ satisfaction, bombs of improve striking semblance of Truth in galleries of the gnarled woods and ripples. Today experienced trekked improvising beings into a bemoaning tissue silo- comprising foot holds esoteric, myopic, reduction, intrinsic haze of experience, thrice travellers all guilty of adventure, challenge and revolution. Adventure is the unexpected, collection of the exploration, bouquet of time, not the stamps in the passport, rips and cloaks of time, or  the heavy boots. Slow motion of gravity, appreciation of presence, tense, person-hood, Travel and exchange adventure and elongate the time waves, while navigating the discord and deadlines of the debating brainwaves. These traversing days, travellers choice recognize, catapult and empathize understood betwixt Russian roulette impart polished days. Sediment falling, impart meaning, quality, new tranquility, open captions and lungs to breathe and approach of triple distilled eyes, the self and ubiquitous solitude siphon real to life.

You are you, I am myself, we may have visited thirty countries, it’s exhausting, you lifted a veil and weighted a balancing point, everyone requires tethers, especially when everything is abstracted and connected. A person is lucky to find a single person who understands perceptions, to find two people in synchronicity and fluidity…. astonishing. I guess it never hurts to acknowledge that, even when you think you’re outnumbered by the dead, by believing in nouns that break easy, like people, because they perish, some good people like yourselves… do exist. Ha. Like a good book, read twice. I’ll have to remember to capitalize on the alchemy of language and Thank you.

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